Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation

Author: Sandor Ellix Katz

A simple but complete guidebook for creating all sorts of fermentations. From Sauerkraut to Compost, the author provides instructions and information about how to capture cultures and preserve foods with them.

Download here: https://www.sproutdistro.com/catalog/zines/diy/wild-fermentation

#fermentation #preservation #homesteading #food #culture #yeast


Published by originalnerdster

Mother, writer, lover, fighter, original nerdster & unruly mobster. *** An off-the-rack lime green affair. *** Slake Satiate or moderate - you offer sips, I opt for slake. I give to give for you to take. Libate licentious! raucaus rake! Upend the mug in throated draughts - no subtle grins but belly laughs. My cup of tea philosophy is sweet deep drinking anarchy. Entire seas between the knees... a-drip, a-drop, a-turn-at-ease. You tell me "yr too much" I glee! "noway. I'm absolutely free!" *** O is for Oyster Who lives in a shell If you leave her alone She feels perfectly well.

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