Volunteer Opportunities

The Crustacean Zine Library has varied opportunities for volunteers. Please contact us to get involved!

Opportunities include:


We need people who will supervise the reading room and assist people in finding resources

Data Entry

We’re using the Library Thing database and would love to get some help entering the zines, as well as tagging zines that have already been entered


Review zines both old and new, as well as interviewing DIY artists and makers. Or help with distribution and marketing!


Help us make the space work for educators and makers in Austin. We need to do outreach not only to folks who want to use the zine library as a reading space, but also for those who need space to teach, learn, and create.

Social Media and Marketing

Help promote the Zine Library! We need help with social media, website development, mass mailings, press releases, and just plain getting the word out.

Grant Writers

We are always seeking ways to sustain the existence of the zine library. Please help us by finding, writing, or collaborating on grant proposals.


Help build the Little Free Zine Library garden.

Additional Ways to Contribute:

  • To pledge a monthly donation, please visit our Patreon site.
  • If you would like to make a one-time monetary donation, you can do so at our GoFundMe fundraiser.
  • To purchase my zines and publications, you can find us on Etsy.
  • You can also purchase something from the Crustacean Zine Library wishlist on Amazon.

We always accept donations of zines. PLEASE DON’T EVER THROW ZINES AWAY! We promise we will take good care of them. 🙂 Contact us to find out how to donate.

Thanks so much!

Live life love,
Lainie (the oyster) Duro
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