You Don’t Get There From Here #15

Carrie Mcninch


This delightful diary series by Carrie has been ongoing for awhile now. It’s great to look back at old issues and get a sense of the growth of the artist. Every time I read an issue, it makes me wish I did something similar to capture the important moments of my life, because right now my life feels like a blur of playing the Sims and watching horror movies.

#comic #autobiographical #mini

Back issues still available as of 12/19/2020:


Published by originalnerdster

Mother, writer, lover, fighter, original nerdster & unruly mobster. *** An off-the-rack lime green affair. *** Slake Satiate or moderate - you offer sips, I opt for slake. I give to give for you to take. Libate licentious! raucaus rake! Upend the mug in throated draughts - no subtle grins but belly laughs. My cup of tea philosophy is sweet deep drinking anarchy. Entire seas between the knees... a-drip, a-drop, a-turn-at-ease. You tell me "yr too much" I glee! "noway. I'm absolutely free!" *** O is for Oyster Who lives in a shell If you leave her alone She feels perfectly well.

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